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#1 08-14-2006 1:02:46 PM

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HDMI/Component cable question/problem

I'm currently using a 6412 DVR cable box with component cables to my new HDTV.  When a program is broadcasting in 4:3 format I have the traditional black sidebars which is fine by me.  When I switch to a program broadcasting in 16:9 the screen fills out completely as you would expect.

Problem?  When I hooked up HDMI cable every station defaults to 16:9, even SD.  On the television I can change back to 4:3 for SD, but then Hi-Def channels are shrunk to 4:3 as well.  Either or, but not automatic like the component cables.  Would anyone have an idea why this could be happening.

Before you give me your best shot, here are a few other things you might want to know.

I replaced the original HDTV for another brand and the problem still continued.
I replaced the HDMI cable and problem continued.
I replace the 6412 and problem continued.

Only using component cables solved the problem, but I would prefer HDMI to free up the one and only component connections for something else.

Thanks for any suggestions.




#2 08-16-2006 6:48:54 PM

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Re: HDMI/Component cable question/problem

Try switching 4:3 OVERRIDE to 'on'.  I think that might fix it.  (I'm still living in SD, so I'm still learning.)

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#3 08-18-2006 12:54:15 PM

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Re: HDMI/Component cable question/problem

Try switich 4:3 override to 480i or 480p.  I use 480i because the deinterlacer on my TV is better than the one in the moto box.



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