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#1 03-16-2006 12:10:21 PM

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The "easy way" didn't work

I finally got around to trying to burn a DVD using an HD stream from the 6412. I got part of the way but not all the way.

I captured all 60 minutes of this week's "24" episode using CapDVHS. The .TS file was 3.86 GB and played beautifully using Media Player Classic.

I followed the SourceForge guide's "easy way" to make a DVD but the HDTV2DVD program failed.

When HDTV2DVD finished its conversion, I had an MPEG file that was only 386 MB and had only 6 1/2 minutes of play time. I also had a VOB that was 386 MB. I had a blank DVD in the drive, but nothing was written to it.

HDTV2DVD apparently overflows some of its numeric quantities when fed such a large .TS file. I was seeing negative numbers in some places and the "percent done" indicator was off by a factor of 100 (i.e., when halfway done it said 5000% and it was finished when it said 10000% done.

Has anyone succeeded in using HDTV2DVD to create an hour-long DVD from a single .TS file? Is there some setting I'm missing?



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