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Program Sony HD Wide Mode switch on to Comcast DVR remote

Program Sony HD Wide Mode switch on to Comcast DVR remote

The main reason I had to frequently pick up my Sony HD TV remote was when I wanted to switch around from Wide, Wide Zoom, Normal, and Full screen modes.  I added that function to my Comcast remote so that my Sony remote can now gather dust.

I have a Sony HD Projection TV KDF-E50A10 and the Comcast DCT 3412 DVR and the silver remote.  This probably works on other Sony HD TVs but you will have to try it.  For non-Sony HD TVs you will have to look up the appropriate EFC code for Wide. 

First you have to make sure your Comcast remote TV device control button is set to Sony.  You have probably done this already but you can see the Comcast Remote Users Guide for instruction. Then…

To program the Wide Mode switch.

Press the TV device control key once.
Press and hold Setup until the selected TV mode key blinks twice, then release.
Enter 994
Press Setup once
Enter 00167 (This is the EFC code 167 plus two leading 00s) Other TV’s may use other codes.
Press the button you want to program.  I used the PIP “Move  button.
You are good to go.  Of course you have to have the remote in “TV  mode to work it.

I found the Sony EFC codes at  Other Sony devices are also listed there.  First look up the command code, then cross ref to the “B  EFC table for the “One for All  device.  Don’t forget to add two leading zeros. 

For another useful key program, look up the “30 sec skip  program elseware in this forum.  I used the “Lock A  button for this.

Many codes from the above EFC web site don’t work for my TV model and Sony isn’t posting codes for the KDF-E50A10 on the Sony site at this time.  If anyone finds any other neat codes (like Sound, Picture, and Freeze) please post them.  Thanks



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Re: Program Sony HD Wide Mode switch on to Comcast DVR remote

One tricky issue with Sony codes is that the TV's use multiple command sets. In addition the main EFC code, there is also a prefix code.

  If the 167 worked for you, try these:
Index - 059
Favorites - 057
Freeze - 227
Pic mode - 003

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