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DVD Recoder Equipment Question

Question concerning DVD recorders and the 6412.  If I record a HD channel on the DVR, and use the s-video connection out of the DVR to the DVD, will it record in 480i?  Or will I get a blank disc?  I think the DVR can down convert in analog.  Just trying to cover my bases in this complex Audio/Video World.  Thanks.

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Re: DVD Recoder Equipment Question

I believe the S-Video output will send video according to the 4:3 override section of the PWR+Menu menu.

On-Screen graphics will only be displayed over the S-Video connection if you set your YPbPr setting to "480i" in the Pwr+Menu menu.

You can test your settings by hooking a TV up to the S-Video output of the 6412 and playing with the settings until it looks like you'd want the DVD to look. 

The setup manual can be found here for details of what all the options do.



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