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HDMI Problem on 3412

I think this happened when I moved my 3412 around, but I'm not sure that is the case.  I had my TV hooked up through the HDMI output, and it stopped working using HDMI (possibly because I pulled the cable out accidentally, but I won't swear to it).  I've tried several of the fixes mentioned elsewhere -- pulling the power on the DVR and the TV, plugging the HDMI back in when both are one, telling it restore all defaults, etc.  But I don't get any signal  on my TV through HDMI.  Components work fine (yes, I've read they should be equivalent, but it would be great to get HDMI working again).  One of the things I've noticed, however, is that the user menu doesn't provide HDMI options like it had -- the option only says "YPbPr" not "HDMI/YPbPr".  Plus it doesn't have any of the second page options for HDMI that are referenced elsewhere.  The downstairs box -- a 6412 -- says "DVI/YPbPr", so it is definitely different.  Anyone have any thoughts on why it is like this, and thanks in advance?



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