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#1 10-02-2008 3:23:41 PM

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Time for a new post

While I was having problems with my former Harmony remote, the last few weeks, I was temporarily using the comcsast provided remote.  Something I never noticed before was happening. When I was using fast forward, pressing FF multiples would or would not increase the speed of the fast forward as normal,  BUT, all of a sudden, the recording would flip all the way over to the end of the recording OR it would flip all the way back to the beginning.

I figured maybe it was a new option of the box.  Or the Comcast remote was doing something different. But now that I am using my new Harmony One remote,  I notice it happens every so often.

The  timing of this would indicate it might have started when I got the latest update which added things like the saved search feature.

BY THE WAY...speaking of saved searches...I have a few saved searches. BUT.. if I just go to the
search function from the main menu, if I select saved searches, I see the saved searches, but when
I select one, I get get nothing.  But if I don't select a SAVED search, just do a new search, the search
function works, and then the saved searches work again. Kinda like you gotta wake it up by doing
a manual search..



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