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#1 08-29-2008 12:41:05 PM

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Different Offerings on Different DVR's

Ok, we upgraded to a new DCH-3416 for our new HD TV.  We have the original DCT-6412 upstairs running non-hdmi HD.  I want to switch this one out as its getting loud and this one is in the bedroom.  The reason I have held off is that it gets some On Demand areas that the new 3416 does not get for some reason.

One such area is Noggin, I have young kids, upstairs on the 6412 we get that OnDemand, downstairs on the new 3416 it says its unavailable due to us not subscribing to Noggin.  How are they out of sync when they are on the same cable run?

I would think that what I get on the older DVR, I would get on the New DVR.  I want to call Comcast about this but I know they will sync with the new one and we'll lose those additional On Demand channels.  I want to go to HDMI on both sets and don't want to switch to non-HDMI on the new downstairs TV.

Any thoughts on this?  I have to decide before the new fall season starts!



#2 08-29-2008 2:07:20 PM

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Re: Different Offerings on Different DVR's

Both boxes should be authorized to receive the same channels, and I can't think of any reason Noggin should be at risk of being removed.  Unless there is some other programming that you're receiving on the old box by mistake I'd suggest you call and have them remedy the authorization on the new one.  (Incidentally, do you receive the regular Noggin channel on both?  If so, there may just be a problem with the OnDemand for the new one.)


I just checked the packages in my area, and there is a difference listed for Noggin -- it's included in Digital Classic, but not in Digital Starter.  (Who woulda thought it?)  So if you're only subscribed to Digital Starter you're correct in thinking you'd probably lose it if you called.  I think you should evaluate your needs and subscribe to the package you need, and then make sure both boxes get the same channels, including OnDemand, because they should.

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