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#1 03-31-2008 12:53:19 AM

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Comcast TiVo Getting a Software Update

Users of Comcast's TiVo service on their company-supplied DVRs will soon see a software update that fixes some bugs.

[T]he next software release for the Comcast DVR with TiVo Service is now targeted to begin rolling out next week, beginning with the towns surrounding our Derry NH cable system, and will be rolling out to the other systems where Comcast DVR with TiVo service is available over the following few weeks. To recap, this software release will include a firmware fix for the reboot loop bug on DCH boxes (aka the 8888″ display bug), enable Dolby Digital output for DCH boxes, correct the Guide HD filter behavior, and include other bug fixes.

It's going to "enable Dolby Digital output for DCH boxes?"  Like, "enable" as in people with TiVo software haven't had Dolby Digital on an alleged TiVo DCH boxes for more than three months?  Yikes.

Like I said before, "It's not TiVo unless it doesn't say Comcast."



#2 03-31-2008 2:16:11 AM

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Re: Comcast TiVo Getting a Software Update

I'll bet it still isn't ready for general distribution, unless Motorola really did an overhaul on their firmware.



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