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#1 03-17-2008 5:09:34 PM

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Big Brother Will Return this Summer

This season of Big Brother has left me a little cold.  I'm pretty sure it's the cast. In a nutshell, they're a bunch of scumbags.  There's not one of them who could in any way be described as a decent human being (OK, maybe Ryan).  They have no redeeming human qualities. There's no great strategist. They're just there.  The ratings have taken a hit, too, although that could be partially attributed to the stupid move of airing it against the titan that is American Idol.

So here's hoping for a better cast when Big Brother returns this summer.  They don't all have to be good at the game or slightly smart, stupid does have its place.  But we've now seen what happens when they're all stupid.  It isn't pretty.



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