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#1 03-05-2008 12:01:46 PM

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Joshuah Welch "Snort" Photo Appears on Internet

A photo that appears to show Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part contestant Josh Welch snorting a white substance from a key held by a third party has made its way onto the internet.

The photo could very well be a fake or a photo posed as a joke, but it's out there and its about Big Brother 9 so it's here.  You be the judge of its authenticity.

By the way, the site referenced in the water mark on the image shows very naked dudes doing very graphic things.  Go ahead and visit if that's your thing, but be warned if it's not.  At the very least you'll wind up feeling woefully inadequate.

Release of the photo follows a few very frank discussions on the live feeds by Josh regarding the use of cocaine and details of his past sexual activity.



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