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SPOILERS: Dual Medical Emergencies in the Big Brother 9 House

There were two medical emergencies that required hospitalization in the Big Brother: Til Death Do You Part house on Friday evening. Below is the story as best I can decipher it from reading feed descriptions, watching You Tube videos and hearing the houseguests talking afterward.

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

At about 6:30 PM Big Brother time, Allison Nichols ate some slop prepared and also eaten by Alex Coladonato.  He later stated the ingredients in the slop were Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. In about 45 seconds, her face and tongue were severely swollen and her throat started closing up.  She was having an allergic reaction to something in the slop (she is not one of the houseguests on slop due to the food competition, she was just tasting it).

Unable to breathe, Allison went into the Diary Room for treatment by the nurse. She said she received an "eppy pen," which opened her throat but did not reduce her tongue swelling or do anything about the hives.

At the same time, Amanda Hansen and Natalie Cunial came inside after having been outside.  Amanda was complaining about not feeling well.  Chelsia Hart commented, "I guarantee Amanda's just being dramatic because she hates being on slop...I guarantee it."

Within seconds, Amanda was lifeless face down on the floor.  She is apparently hypoglycemic.  Natalie started screaming, and all the houseguests rushed in from outside.  They did not know that Allison was already in the diary room.  They were ripping at the Diary Room door trying to get it open, clapping and yelling for Amanda to wake up, and screaming for help.  Amanda awoke, gasping for air.  They got the Diary Room open and got Amanda some medical attention.

Both girls were hospitalized for a time because of the incidents.  They had both returned to the house by about 10:30 PM BBT.




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