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SPOILERS: Big Brother After Dark Blowout

Last night's Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2 featured what had to have been the largest verbal war between houseguests in Big Brother history.

The text and videos below contain SPOILERS about not only the interaction between the houseguests but also competitions and game events that have not yet been shown on CBS.  The videos contain extremely vulgar language.

First, some background:

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

Amanda Hansen's behavior in the house (gossiping, trash talking, prancing around as if the show is about her, never keeping her ass cheeks covered) has increasingly alienated all other house guests.  Additionally, she alleges to have woken up one morning to "soul mate" Alex Coladonato attempting to put this delicately...digitally stimulate her in her sleep.  If you missed it in Sunday night's CBS show, it's important to also know that Amanda's father committed suicide by hanging himself.  On Saturday night, several of the houseguests (Chelsia Hart, Natalie Cunial, James Zinkand) removed various articles of clothing while in the bubble-filled hot tub.

OK.  I think that's all you need to know to follow what happened overnight last night.

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

Chelsia was all fired up about some rumors Amanda had been spreading.  After a relatively calm discussion, Chelsia went into the house, got egged on by some fellow housemates, and stormed back into the yard to confront Amanda. Before long, the entire cast was piling onto Amanda. About half-way through the first video, Josh Welch explodes to the point that Allison Nichols races him into the house before it becomes physical.

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

Alex attempts to reason with Amanda and mediate the dispute.  Josh returns to the back yard screaming "F You" to Amanda and flipping her the bird.  Despite Alex's best attempts, instead of getting anywhere near resolution the conflict only heats up again until ending on this exchange:

Josh: She (Amanda) doesn't say anything wrong, she's f****n' a saint.  Give her a f****n' halo.
Chelsia: Or a noose.
Josh: Ahhh. (Claps) Like her dad.

That was pretty much the end of Amanda.  She'd held it together to that point, but that really freaked her out.

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

She started running around screaming and crying and wound up back in the house hyperventilating on the kitchen floor being comforted by (arch enemy) Allison as a suddenly concerned-looking Chelsia looks on.

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

This was followed by a two-hour diary room session for Amanda, during which she claims she was told she is "not allowed" to leave the house. 

There were also vicious arguments between Parker and Alex and, later, Jen and Ryan.



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