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SPOILERS: Big Brother 9 Raunch Continues

The raunch continued in the Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part house during a liquor-fueled Saturday night.

The information below contains spoilers about events in the Big Brother house, but not about upcoming nominations or competitions.

Spoiler (Highlight to View):

After Natalie Cunial gave pole dancing lessons (Link Article) using a weight-lifting bar held in place by Alex Coladonato, the houseguests retired to the hot tub (Link Article).  Before long, Joshuah Welch had filled the hot tub with bubbles and Natalie, Chelsia Hart, and James Zinkand were naked in the hot tub under the bubbles.

Later, James removed his underwear to chase Parker Somerville around the yard before performing a naked handstand.

Natalie once again finished off her night by providing Matt McDonald with oral sex (
Link Article).  In turn, Matt finished off his night by quickly springing out of bed afterward, running downstairs, and mocking Natalie to his boys Alex and Parker.  He gives details as to her technique and lets them know that she does, in fact, finish the job.

Alex and Parker finish off their night by making rude comments about Amanda Hansen (who is eavesdropping) and Joshuah.



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