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#1 02-16-2008 9:27:47 AM

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Big Brother 8 America's Player Eric Stein in Written Rampage

Eric Stein, America's Player from Big Brother 8, hosted the first Big Brother 9 ('Til Death Do You Part) Head of Household competition with his girlfriend Jessica Hughbanks.  The competition was broadcast last Wednesday in BB9 Episode 2.  Apparently, some of the houseguests rubbed him the wrong way, or he went back into the house with strong opinions on some of them, because yesterday he posted a long vulgarity (and spoiler) filled tirade against some of the current houseguests as well as a few from his season.

It's a riot.  No one is safe, not even Gretchen Massey, the host of CBS Internet talk show House Calls.

Well, well, well...the new season of Big Brother is upon us and I decided that it's time to break my silence.  Since the completion of BB8, I have really picked my spots and chosen my words wisely.  After all, when is taking the high road not a good choice?  I figured it's a simple equation - so long as I'm decent towards everyone, I can expect that same decency back in return.  Evidently, that's not how it works though.  I've been nothing but nice to this point and have gotten s*** on in return - I'm done biting my tongue.  I'm sick and tired of hearing everyone carry on except for now it's my turn!  I guess it's the BB way to talk crap on people...I know I dished it out last summer, but I'm the rare trash talker that can take it.  I've just taken enough recently that I'm ready to dish out some more - consider me officially stooping to everyone else's level.

Where to begin?  Let's start with this wonderful new season, why don't we?  Let me start with some initial impressions about the houseguests.  Let's begin with Amanda, who seems to think that I gave her a dirty look when I hosted the competition.  Ya wanna know why she thinks that?  Because I did.  It was highly difficult to concentrate on hosting duties when her vile, grotesque, fat thunder thighs were making the entire set jiggle.  I sincerely almost walked out of the yard when she came out in that leotard - was that some sort of a sick joke?  It was like a perfect storm of Kail's stretchmarks meeting Amber's America's Next Top Model photo shoot.  I was temporarily blinded, hence I accidentally shot her a dirty look.  Listen bitch, you wanna talk smack then you better be ready to receive it in return.

It goes on from there, but there are too many spoilers about things that have gone on in the house to be able to pull much to put here and have it make sense.

I've always been an Eric fan (and a Jessica fan), and this outburst only solidified that.



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