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Valentine's Day Hardcore Action in the Big Brother 9 House

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Bill Clinton doesn't think it qualifies as "sexual relations", but Roofing Foreman Matt McDonald didn't seem to be making that differentiation at about 1:15 AM today (Big Brother Time) as Bikini Barista Natalie Cunial did the deed under the sheets.

The YouTube video shows a lot of sheet movement and tell-tale sounds (if it hasn't been taken down yet - YouTube was pulling them faster than they could be put up).


[Matt a]sks her if she's all sweaty, she said that she could do a lot better if not under the covers. He put the covers up (I think to kiss her). He's now holding her in his arms, and tells her "do NOT get emotionally attached to me" she says I won't, I promise. Then she said don't get emotionally attached to me and he said "I won't." Nat then said you never know...Nat then smiles and says, "well that was fun" and snuggles up to Matt's shoulder.



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