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#1 01-27-2008 11:32:42 PM

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3412 black screen after firmware download.

I just got a 3412/2305 and followed the procedures for hdd wipe and cold boot to download new firm and software. (Shaw Victoria)
It seemed to wipe the hdd fine and seems to download new firmware fine going from the animated dl on the display to ep then fp then 4 dashes(----) then it turns off. It does not give me a "0". Do I need to wait longer for this "0"?
When I turn it on however, the display comes on and goes to any channel I choose but I can't get anything on the tv. No picture, guide or menu, nothing.
The dct did have a picture before flashing. It showed the menu and guide just fine.

Am I mising something?

Sorry for posting in bug fixes as well.



#2 02-06-2008 2:29:39 AM

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Re: 3412 black screen after firmware download.

You shouldn't be doing this yourself. Basically you have wiped the programming from the box. You need to call and have the operator send an initialization hit to your box to refresh its programming after which it will take about 30-45 minutes to reload the software for the guide and VOD.

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