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#1 11-05-2007 2:21:54 PM

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DCH-3416 General Questions

I'm new to the ins and outs of the DCH-3416.  I just got it setup and operational five days ago.  Along with the new box, I mounted a new Samsung HD LCD on the wall.  All a part of an apartment move as well.  Oh my aching back!

My first impressions of the 3416 are very good.  My wife (a non-techie) picked up on the ease of operation right away.  We compare the performance to a standard def. R15 from DirecTV.

And for anyone who hasn't gone HD ... OMG!  Just do it!

Now for the questions:

* I read some DVR Chatter posts in reference to the eSATA port.  Has this been activated to use an external drive?  It would seem this is still no.

* Other than choosing favorites, is there a way to get the Guide to show only the channels I want?

* The User Guide for the 3416 is limited (to say the least.)  Anyone have access to the service manual?  You can PM me.

* I'm going to link the 3416 to my DVD recorder (component, not computer.)  Will I still need my old GoDVD box inline to make personal archives of my favorite shows?



cool  My System: Comcast Motorola DCH-3416 HD-DVR (on a APC UPS), Samsung LN-T4065F LCD HD TV (on a APC voltage regulator), Sony DVD Recorder RDR-GX315, Yamaha HTR-5460 Home Theater unit, JBL satellites and sub



#2 11-05-2007 2:43:11 PM

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Re: DCH-3416 General Questions

You do know that this is a Comcastic box not a Tivo box!



#3 11-05-2007 3:52:32 PM

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Re: DCH-3416 General Questions

1.  No eSATA port activation on the Motorola boxes.
2.  No way other than favorites to prune channels from the guide.
3.  See "FAQ and external links" forum two above this one:
4.  The only way to archive is by replaying programs and feeding them to a computer or external recorder.  I know nothing about GoDVD, or when it would be required.  See the Motorola wiki article for firewire transfer.



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