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#1 08-08-2007 3:33:01 PM

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dumping DVR data from DCT3412 to MacBook

Hello fellas.  I have a MacBook running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.10 and I have a Motorola DCT3412 Comcast cable box.  I've read two methods for extracting the video from the DCT3412 or DCT6412 DVR to a Mac via FireWire (IEEE 1394).  One method said to hook up the FireWire then use the AVCVideoCap application that comes with FireWire SDK 20 to capture the video right off the cable box.  The other method said to hook up the FireWire then use the AVCBrowser and VirtualDVHS applications that come with FireWire SDK 18 to capture the video from the cable box.  I have FireWire SDK 23, which contains all three of the aforementioned applications, but neither of the methods work with this newer version of the SDK for some reason or another.  I had two questions I wanted to ask.

First, is there anyone out there who can send me FireWire SDK 18 or FireWire SDK 20, or if not is there anyone out there who knows where I can download or acquire these older versions of the FireWire SDK?  I would really appreciate any help here.

Secondly, since I'm probably destined to not acquire either of these earlier SDKs, does anyone have a method for recording off a DCT3412 (or DCT6412) with a MacBook?  It doesn't have to be a FireWire-related method -- I'm just looking for anyway to get my data from my Motorola box's DVR on to my Mac, or if not then to record live from my Motorola to my Mac.

Thanks, everyone.

-- Tron

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Re: dumping DVR data from DCT3412 to MacBook

This site seems to describe doing it successfully with SDK 23.



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