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Motorola box from eBay? Will it work?

Has anyone purchased a cable box on eBay and was able to successfully hook up to their TV?  We already have a HD/DVR box but I want to purchase rather than rent another box (DVR only) and hook up to another existing tv in our house.  Will it work and does it have to be configured by comcast? Or can I configure myself? Comcast told me that it had to be configured to my address.  What models can I buy?  I'm just looking to save extra money in not having to rent the box since I already pay so much for my cable. thanks!



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Re: Motorola box from eBay? Will it work?

These boxes will not work due to the fact that all systems (with exception to some older systems) are control by CAE (Customer Account Executive). The box will only work when placed on an account.  If a technician leaves a box at your house without placing it on your account, it will typically have every channel in your area for about 10 days before it automatically goes dead.

As for saving money on renting a box, at least in my area, an additional box is only $5/month. Yes in the long run, you may save, but you can always guarantee that if anything happens to it, you can always replace it for free.

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Re: Motorola box from eBay? Will it work?

You are probably not going to save much, if anything, except over the VERY long term (2+ years.) It's typically only about $6/month for extra boxes. Also, you are now stuck with it, and the Motorola boxes used by most are not the most reliable, even though it's more of a software/firmware issue that you have no control over.

In the US, at least until July 1, have built-in security that can be specific to an area, and the only boxes that they will authorize are their own. After July 1, they must separate the main security from the navigation, meaning that new boxes will use CableCard for now (until the cable industry actually comes out with their software-based security, which will probably be never). These new boxes, such as the Motorola DCH series, may or may not be available for individual sale. Even so, they may only offer limited support for self-owned ones.

To be honest, what is going to happen after July 1 is anyone's guess. I've seen newscasts and articles saying you MUST buy a box, and can no longer rent. Others saying only that you CAN buy a box.

Finally, be careful with Ebay. Many offered for sale are for the Canadian market, or stolen.

The safest for now is to rent for a few months until the sale/rent situation settles down.

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