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#1 05-09-2007 1:23:13 PM

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OnDemand 'saving' programs ?

So what is saving programs on OnDemand mean?
Are you downloading it to your DVR's hard drive ?
Or is it just in a list that it keeps track of ?

And what about the fast forward mention regarding commercials ?
So if you watch an OnDemand network program, the commercials
are not the same as if you watched it during regular broadcast time?

Guess I'll find all this out when we finally (if ever) get OnDemand here.
Just wondering ahead of time after reading recent posts about it.



#2 05-09-2007 2:10:04 PM

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Re: OnDemand 'saving' programs ?

I can only speak from the perspective of Seattle, with the Microsoft guide, but the OnDemand is probably pretty much the same.

OnDemand programs cannot be recorded.  Saving just means having the system remember where you left off, and (if you're lucky) resume viewing at that point later.  Sometimes it doesn't work, and you have to start over.

Fast forward is done at only one speed.  Although we don't have the "skip" function here, I doubt that it would work.  I can FF through commercials but it may be easier just to let them play.

The commercial breaks are much shorter for the one network available OnDemand here (CBS), so the commercials are fewer than in regular broadcasts.  The breaks seem to come at about the same intervals.



#3 05-09-2007 2:20:21 PM

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Re: OnDemand 'saving' programs ?

That's the OnDemand via IGuide deal in a nutshell, too.



#4 05-10-2007 1:55:27 AM

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Re: OnDemand 'saving' programs ?

Yes, OnDemand items CANNOT be recorded to your DVR. When they are placed into your Saved programs section of OnD, they are basically stored to your account in the system for later use.  Think of it as your personal storage on the OnD servers, which I might add are very impressive. We are talking racks and rack AND racks of redundant HDs. The power cables for just the OnD servers alone are about 4 inches in diameter. imagine closing that circuit with your tongue! I had the opportunity to tour our headend, and let me tell you, it takes a special kind of person to work in that bubble, because it is exactly that!

Comcast Cable Communications Technician - Fresno, CA system



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