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#1 05-03-2007 6:53:45 AM

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Comcast's Triple Play deal

Called the main Comcast line yesterday (800-COM-CAST) to find out about transferring my cable and internet service for an upcoming move.  Was surprised when the rep told me that they are now extending the triple play offers (there are four levels of them now) to existing customers as long as they are upgrading their service.

I ended up going from HSI and Digital Cable (w/ HBO & Starz and two DVRs) to their new Triple Play Premier which includes HSI, Phone and all Premium and Sports channels.  For $159 per month plus $12 for the 2nd DVR.  I was told that the first DVR was included in the package and that he was also waiving the $5 per month additional outlet fee for the extra box.

Bear in mind that this is a 12 month promotion.  So come a year from now I'll have a hard decision to make if they won't renegotiate.  If DirecTV lives up to their HD promise by then, who knows?



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