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#1 04-27-2007 12:27:29 AM

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A Tip: Make Your Subjects Descriptive

One of my goals for the site is to increase traffic, and the best way to do that is to get the site up in the search engine rankings so more people actually know it's here.

I've been doing reading on the subject of search engine optimization. It is agreed that the #1 biggest factor search engines look at when deciding what a page is about is the page's title.  It's what appears in the title bar of your browser (above the menu - all the way at the top).

For example, if you're reading this thread, the title of the page is "DVR Chatter / A Tip: Make Your Subjects Descriptive"  DVR Chatter starts the title of all pages, and the thread subject comes after it.

The thread subject is under the direct control of the person who starts the thread.  An example of a recent well-worded thread title is: "3412 Lost recordings and scheduled programs" in the Bugs and Workarounds section, but there are plenty.  I would like to see more.

Examples of poorly worded subjects are "A problem,"  "Slow Response", "Crash" - I just made those up so as not to embarrass anyone, but you get the point.  Someone searching for "Comcast 3412 problem" would likely not find these pages in their search results.  It may show up way down the list because the term is in the actual text of the messages, but it is given lower priority than one that had "Comcast 3412 problem with series recording" in the title would be given.

I guess my request for the day would be to put as many descriptive keywords in your title as make sense.  I'm not asking anyone to pack it with keywords to the point where it doesn't sound like human writing, but just please be descriptive.

Thank you for your cooperation.



#2 04-27-2007 10:08:55 AM

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Re: A Tip: Make Your Subjects Descriptive

Makes sense to me.



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