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Recorded Shows With Pixalization And Sound Drop-outs

The signal strength going into the box is very important as stated in FAQ. I had a lot of problems with pixilation ( a word?) and sound drop-offs on programs I had recorded.  Also the digital music channels would cut in and out when listening to them over my stereo. After switching boxes once, and 2 tech calls at home, I figured it out. The last tech said that I had routed the coax cable incorrectly. I had it going into my audio video receiver first, then splitting it to a VCR and the Motorola DVR. I re-connected it with the cleanest coax signal going straight into the Motorola, and the others split off after that. I have none of the problems that I had before.  The only glitch that I still have is long recorded programs  (6hrs) that I try to dump off into a VCR or DVD recorder lose their sound after about an hour. The sound is still works on the show I'm playing back, but is silent on the ones I am trying to record. ????



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