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#1 01-26-2007 9:32:45 AM

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Harmony programming tips

Okay.. so I made up my mind and just received my Harmony 880 this week (BTW:  Amazon is currently selling them right now four ~$150 with an exclusive $30 rebate from Logitech.. I ordered mine 3 days before the rebate took effect.. damn).

Is it me or is the wizard based programming interface a little simplistic?  Is there an advanced mode I can go into?

Which version of the 6412/6416/3412/3416 programming sets do you folks use in your Harmonys?



#2 01-26-2007 9:45:11 AM

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Re: Harmony programming tips

I've found that Harmony basically makes you go through the wizard, and only after completing the wizard to set up your activities can you perform the more advanced customizations you're looking for.  For example, when I first set up my activities, switching from watch TV to watch a DVD, my 6412 would power off, which we all know is a big no-no.  I think I ended up going through the troubleshooter to find the power options for the 6412 which let me tell the Harmony to never turn off the 6412. 

I used the 6412 programming set.



#3 01-26-2007 9:56:55 AM

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Re: Harmony programming tips

Lowlight is right.  Once you do the basic set up on your devices and then use those devices to create activities through the Wizard, you can go into the device or activity options to customize as you like.

The 6412 settings I started with were called DCT-6412.  At the time, that was the only one with the 30 second skip.



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